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We are a group of local folk looking to make Shepherdstown as sustainable as possible. We are following the Transition model. We are not looking to reinvent the wheel nor seeking to supplant existing efforts, but rather to be part of the process in any way that we can.
Currently a small groupĀ  has formed an “Initiating Group.*” Each of us has either been to Transition Training or read The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins. We are working on education projects, such as our upcoming Transition Talks and this BLOG. We are looking for new participants, ideas/suggestions as we proceed along the path of Transition.

*An Initiating Group That Designs Its Demise: the initiating group exists to navigate the first few steps of the process, but always with an intention of dissolving itself as the project evolves.

Many Ways to Participate

There are many ways to participate. With this blog we want to promote every green effort that is going on in this geographic area.

Share what is currently going on

Please let us know so we can list your group and activities. As we learn about you and share your efforts please let others know about Sustainable Shepherdstown and our BLOG.

Join a group

Currently we have ideas for several efforts in the areas of Communication, Food & Agriculture, Energy, Education, Buy Local, Gardening, and Self Healing.

Join our email list

As we plan activities or make announcements we would like to include everyone. Please complete the email form and let us know what your interest is in sustainability whether it be simply to receive announcements or a specific activity.

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  1. Lynn – That is a great idea. I will put you down for the Transportation working group. If you have ideas as to how we can get this started, get in touch. Are there existing ride share models that you like that we can build upon?

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