It is NOT Too Late to Join the Sustainable Shepherdstown Organic Community Garden

This Memorial Day weekend is bright and sunny. Perfect for putting in a garden. Those rainy days of April and May were good for what was in the ground already but not for putting up a fence and starting a garden from scratch.

According to the WV University Extension service we can still: plant celery, pole limas and snap beans, seed cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli for fall crop, seed summer squash and corn for a late crop, plant peppers and tomatoes, seed pumpkins, beets, winter squash and carrots not to mention the fall lettuce and greens. Plant some garlic for next year and of course there are always scallions.

The garden is going well and we are half full. Which means there is still plenty of space. We tilled, and put down chicken manure. It took awhile to get the fence up, so now you will have to contend with weeds but the ground is soft so it is not too bad, or do a lasagna garden. Here is are links to lasagna gardening and the WV Extension Service.

Plots at the garden are $20 for a 10′ x 10′, $25 for a 10′ x 25, or $30 for a 10′ x 30′ Call Ellen at 3014679516 (cell phone) or email Or just stop by and see what we are doing.

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