The new Green Drinks in the Eastern Panhandle.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 09.45.56No, it is not a bunch of drinks that happen to be green. It is eco  or earth friendly  or sustainable  social networking. Emphasis on the networking – sharing what is going on in our area. (one of our hopes is to get a calendar and directory listing going so everyone can know about everything that is sustainable that is going on in our region)

There is an international web site supporting this at We are just reviving what was once a common practice, the third Thursday of every month.  Thanks to  Karen Valentine and Chad Gautier who started up the previous Green Drinks of the Eastern Panhandle. Sustainable Shepherdstown is re-launching this for the Third Tuesday of each month.

We are starting off our first networking session upstairs at the fabulous Bistro 112. The first one will be Tuesday, January 20th and we hope you will join us.  Please bring any promotional materials for your “green” project or business and come prepared to share you “30 second” elevator speech when we do introductions.